Ezekiel 17-19; Revelation 7

No Time for Transcendence

Tick, tock, screams the clock,
“There is no muse here.”
Tick, tock, it will not stop,
There is no poetry here.
Tick, tock, falls like a rock,
There is no rhythm here.
Tick, tock, why do you mock?
There are no lyrics here.
Tick, tock, the manic squawks,
There are no ballads here.
Tick, tock, creation’s gridlock,
There are no more verses here…

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Ezekiel 15-16; Psalm 70; Revelation 6

Lost Love

Oh love of mine, you hate this love of mine;
All I have given, you give away
To other lovers who love others,
Leaving you lingering in ragged lingerie.

Oh love of mine, who jilts this love of mine;
Like a cherry tart in a red dress,
Haughty, you stand on the street corner,
Selling your wares to any whose shame is shameless.

Oh love of mine, who shuns this love of mine,
What more can I give you than my heart?
Your sin is scarlet. My blood is red,
Cleansing you, a new virginity to impart.

Oh love of mine, you have this love of mine;
My dear, I will not give you away.
I am your lover and no other
Will chase your unchaste heart’s unspoken Kyrie.

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Ezekiel 12-14; Revelation 5

All In Love

All in love I give my all in love,
nothing else is my everything.
I count no loss for paying the cost:
every bit that I might be whole.

I can’t withhold what I can’t hold back—
I have to let go now.
Shackles unlocked, with angels dancing—
I play in sacred space now.
My appetite grows for sweeter things—
I am glutted and hungry now.

All in love, I give my all in love,
the die is cast with all my gold.
No labor in this labor of love:
the weight is no burden for me.

I lay down my wealth, such as it is—
it seems so worthless now.
Here is my time, with fresh wings take flight—
forever is always now.
I give up my power and bow down—
a greater power has me now.

All in love I give my all in love,
my treasures I treasure no more.
I will do anything that you ask
because you demand nothing from me.

I wish I could find words to say love—
this is my best for now.
I have given up every dream—
then has faded into now.
My first, my worst, dumped here at your feet—
for you are standing by me now.

All in love I give my all in love,
nothing else is my everything.
Breathlessly you take my breath away,
with my dying breath to you I sing.

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Ezekiel 8-11; Revelation 4

The Mourning News

New day, old news:
Bystanders massacred by cowards in a hell of bullets;
A crowd decimated by a suicide bomber’s reign of shrapnel;
Women kidnapped and enslaved by craven thugs.
And the responses drone on with growing bombast:
Verbosity, ideologies, policies, strategies, brutalities.
Hate heats hate,
For it is a devil of a scene behind the seens
As puppets tune out their strings.
How do you contain evil without being swilled in its vortex?
There are more things in heaven and earth, my dear laureate,
Than are dreamt of in your creeds, screeds, and rhapsodies.
You lesser angels do not know, nor understand,
With no ground to brace you in the darkness.
Pull back the veil, part the skies, face the facts:
No rapturous cavalry storms in to rescue thrashed bodies.
Martyrs must swallow the world’s distaste, absorbing the concussions.
Bloodshed begets bloodshed for a victory already won without a battle.
Armed with only a scalpel, the conqueror surrendered in triumphant humiliation,
The treaty sealed on hill far away, etched on a rolling stone.
In the churchyard the bulbs of lilies lie buried, resting, nurtured by gore and ichor,
Awaiting the season when they will worship the sun with all their beauty.

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Ezekiel 4-7; Revelation3

Judgment Day

Us and them,
Virtue and vice,
Trophies and crowns:
Give me paradise.
Yours and mine,
Numbers and names,
Kingdom and class:
Give me all I claim.
All sorts of kinds,
All kinds of sorts,
All unkind,
All distorted.
All that counts is discounted,
All my merits are demerits.

Us and God,
Blood for the price,
Trophies laid down:
Receive paradise.
Gifts and gives,
Our fame defamed,
Kingdoms outclassed:
I Am we proclaim.
All sorts of grace,
All grace to sort,
All disgrace
All discarded.
All redeemed on a stained cross.
All we treasure we count as dross.

Holy God
Almighty Lord,
Let each bow down:
Sing in one accord.
Worthy Lamb,
The First and Last,
We worship you
For love unsurpassed.
All praise the King,
All Living One—
All disgraced,
All discarded.
All our sins are now ended,
All our triumphs are transcended.

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Ezekiel 1-3; Revelation 2

The Attendees

Satan came to church with all the focus on you, grinning contentedly.
No one saw that the worship was slightly askew—they liked the content.
“You don’t want to go to hell when your life is through,” the cleric’s teeth winked.
“For a happier life here are five things to do,” he alliterated.
People relaxed, sitting in their own vile pew, snug with their homey fates.
The devil left joyously.

Jesus came to church with all the focus on God, grinning contentedly.
Everyone knew they were being called to be odd, weirdly loving all kinds.
Their vision grew clearer as they sang out their laud, singing to high heaven.
“Quit pretending to be good; tear down your facade,” came the invitation.
The priest gave truth and hope, targeted like Nimrod, aiming for every heart.
All squirmed, ready to walk the narrow way untrod, excited for Life’s path.
Jesus left joyously.

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Jeremiah 52; Psalms 143-144; Revelation 1


Can I perceive the mystery,
through the fog prehistory,
as fierce prophecies confound
with naked tyrants uncrowned,
exposing the actuality
of today?
No secret codes hide the truth,
no need for a contrived sleuth
looking for a riddle that’s not there,
clanging symbols everywhere,
obscuring the ugly sooth
on display.
Don’t look for the light in the dark,
blinded by an invisible arc,
as literal allegories
liberally skew the story,
a myriad miss the mark
as a cliché.
Beasts do not hide under the bed,
chase the demons from your head,
face ungodly mobs filled with rage,
fight armed with love for the new age,
muster where your blood is shed
in the melee.
Antichrists lurk with their lies,
used car smiles as their disguise,
to draw you into despair
so you will regard their scare,
a gauntlet threatens your demise
as an assay.
From the beginning to the end
a swirling phantasm transcends
a lifetime consumed with death
that in the tomb catches a breath
as a foreboding godsend,
a new pathway.

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